Chris Da Sie, Coach

Coach Chris

Coach Chris is the co-head coach and founder of the MySwim program. He developed and coaches through our proven "athlete-centered" coaching model. By refusing to believe that people just can't swim, he turned his combined 22 years as a competitive swimmer, then another decade coaching and instructing swimming, into a program that has helped 1000s of people become efficient swimmers. He believes that you just need to get over the mental hurdles and have the right type of training and coaching in order to succeed.  


Coach Jenna

Coach Jenna is a vital part, and the better half, of the MySwim coaching team. As co-head coach, her experience coaching over the past 15+ years brings great insight into helping our young swimmers improve. Jenna grew up around the pool. She's trained with the Forest Hills Beaver as a child and went on to compete at the collegiate level. She's worked with teams across North America and most recently held the position of head coach to her former high school swim team, the Alhambra Dogs, where she took six swimmers to the state championships.  


Why Swimming Is Important

Swimming is a sport that you can do your entire life. It’s easy on the muscles and joints which can be especially important for older individuals with pain. 

It’s also a great way to meet new people and build relationships. Even though your swimming is an individual effort, the training and bonding you make with others will help you keep on track for your goals and can increase your happiness. Some of the greatest friendships I’ve ever made was with my teammates.

Swimming is also a great way to build discipline, endurance, mental focus and can lead to a much healthier long term lifestyle.  


  • Very friendly, easily reachable, flexible and very knowledgeable.
    — Subramani, Swimmer
  • Chris was great. He took me at my current level and is working with me on achieving my swim goals. Way cool guy :-)
    — Spencer, Swimmer
  • ...I can say that having a coach who knows the science of the sport and who can provide instant feedback to help you improve is invaluable and worth the cost. It is efficient and eliminates the time you would unknowingly spend on bad habits and bad form and instead lets you use that time to improve your weak areas and increase performance. Definitely recommend!
    — Jason, Swimmer
  • Chris is an outstanding coach with superior communication skills, motivation, and passion for his work. He consistently demonstrated the ability to relate to swimmers of all ages and skill levels. He defined the culture of the club with his passion for swimming and coaching, and always emphasized important core values: effort, sportsmanship, and improvement.
    — Jonathan, Parent of swimmer

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Why Listen To Coach Chris?

Taking off

After failing my Red Cross swim program maroon level swim class at age 6, my parents felt I needed some extra time in the water, so they introduced me to competitive swimming. After the first practice, I was hooked. I continued to swim for various teams throughout my childhood into my early adulthood. Throughout my swim career, I competed on a National and International levels, which gave me the opportunity to work with some of the sport's greatest coaches. After high school, I had the privilege of swimming for the Dalhousie University Tigers before retiring my suit at 22. 

Since then I’ve coached two separate Marlins teams and helped age group swimmers build confidence and achieve their own dreams in swimming. I hold a Level 1 coaching certification from the American Swimming Coaches Association and am currently working on completing my Level 2.

Beyond the competitive side of the sport, I’ve also spent time working with recreational swimmers from ages 3 to 65 learn how to swim and enjoy the water. 

I’m passionate about helping people and swimming. I believe that with every client I coach, every post I write and every video I shoot that I can help you achieve your goals in and out of the water making you happier, stronger and mentally focused.



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