The road ahead 2017

It's just over two weeks into 2017 and we're late to the party on posting what the year ahead looks like for MySwim. The problem has been we didn't want to create lofty resolutions that we wouldn't keep. We wanted to set goals. We wanted to make sure we had a game plan in place to reach those goals. Just like when we work with our athletes. We've come up with several goals that we think are going to push the growth of the MySwim program and help us become the premier online swim training program.

  1. More Videos
    At the end of 2016, we started experimenting with video a bit more. We started hosting daily Facebook live events. This was huge for our Facebook page growth and awareness. Due to Facebook's algorithm, this helped us reach out to more of you and provide you with some additional coaching tips. We are going to continue doing Facebook live, but we are also going to start pushing more video to our YouTube page as well. If you haven't subscribed to either of them, now is your chance. We are hoping to reach 100 new subscribers this year.
  2.  Community Growth
    The free MySwim Community has seen huge growth over the past several weeks and has begun to help individuals get answers to more of their swimming questions and additional training. We are looking forward to growing with this community and interacting more with each of our members. We see the MySwim Community group becoming our flagship group for discussing, sharing and learning about efficient swimming. By the end of the year, we would like to see 1000 people participating in the community.
  3. Webinars
    Webinars have become an incredible way to share specific information to the world. We working on putting together a minimum of 4 webinars this year in various styles to continue to share our coaching strategies with the world. We hope you will join us for each.
  4. Coaching
    Of course, we wouldn't be doing what we do without our athlete-centered coaching program. We have set a plan in motion to continue to tweak and provide as much premium content as possible for an affordable price. Our Workouts and Swimmer Insider programs continue to see amazing results from the athletes who are participating, which continues to drive us to improve the content and coaching that we provide without ever needing to find a pool deck to coach from. It's a new age and through technology, we are able to provide world-class coaching directly to you on your schedule. 

We're extremely excited to see where this year takes MySwim and we are so thankful that you are coming on this journey with us. We will continue to push ourselves to be the absolute best coaches we can by providing as much training and insight to you through as many channels as we can. If you want to help us out subscribe to our channel, sign up for blog updates, and share our stuff if you like it!

What are some goals you have for 2017? We would love to hear them so share away in the comments below!