Feeling a bit stuck with your workouts? 

Coming up with daily workouts is hard. If you belong to a Master's group then you're lucky as you have a coach who will provide you with a bit of inspiration everyday. However, the rest of us can easily get stuck in a rut with our workouts. That's why we've designed our daily workouts program. For only $9.99/month and no annual contracts, you'll get technique focused workouts delivered daily to your email. 


Workouts delivered to your inbox

Every morning, a new workout will be delivered directly to your inbox. The workouts are designed to be approximately 60 minutes long and average between 2500 - 3000 meters. 


Download & Print

Each workout comes with a downloadable link so that you can print each workout and bring it with you to have pool side.


Get help with new drills

We all have technique issues with our swimming. You could ignore them and just swim endlessly back and forth, or you could complete sets that focus on fixing your stroke issues.