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My name is Chris Da Sie and I’m Your Elite swim coach.




There is very little information online about swimming, how to improve or even how to get started. This is a collection of articles, videos and insights based around my experiences in the sport that I hope will help you achieve your swimming goals.

This site isn’t about the success stories of Olympic athletes or articles that only the true hardcore swimmer would care about.

Instead, this is about learning to enjoy the sport of swimming, create positive experiences and gain a healthier look at your future by including swimming in your life. 

If you want to dive deeper and hire me to work one-on-one with you through MySwim's elite coaching program then follow the button below. I respond to all emails. It may just take up to 24 hours. 


What our clients have to say

  • Coach Chris is simply awesome. I decided to learn how to swim as an adult and although I had attended a few group lessons at my community college, I still felt very unsure about swimming. After my first session with Coach Chris, I knew that I struck gold with this coach. He really knows his stuff and has helped me tremendously in overcoming my fear of being in deep water and helping me improve my technique. It helps that he is incredibly nice and motivates you to be your very best. I would definitely recommend him.
    — Onome, Swimmer
  • I have hired Coach Chris to help me refine my freestyle stroke to get ready to pass a time limit 500 yard swim test for my T1 technical scuba diving class with GUE that's about to happen close to end of 2016. After 2 sessions with him my strokes are way more efficient & my platform is beginning to improve. Coach Chris is easy going & it has been a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend him to be your swim coach.
    — Josh, Swimmer
  • We are very lucky to have Coach Chris as my son's swim coach. Coach Chris is able to explain the technical aspects of each stroke in terms an 8yr old can understand. My son always looks forward to his sessions with him. Coach Chris always makes it a point to summarize the things he and my son worked on after each session. I am excited to see how my son will do in his upcoming races! I highly recommend Coach Chris!
    — Jennifer, Parent of swimmer
  • Signed up my 14 year-old son, who participates in summer meets to work on his strokes. The improvement was immediate, he popped three of his times after the first lesson, two more after the second. Coach Chris is a student of current and past masters, and uses that knowledge to adjust strokes to different body types and styles. He observes a swimmer meticulously and comes up with specific drills to correct every single little detail that may be holding a swimmer back, he explains everything patiently and clearly, and generally does whatever is needed to get results. Very satisfied.
    — Tad, Parent of swimmer

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