What is Private Coaching?

Private coaching is a way to supplement your training and benefit from working one-on-one with Coach Chris. If you live in the San Francisco or Bay Area, we will meet go through your goals, both short-term and long-term then begin working on stroke improvements, strength, mental readiness and other goals we set together. 

Beyond the pool

Our elite private coaching is limited to just in-person sessions. We live in a modern age where technology connects all of us to each other. This means that when you sign up for private coaching, you will get 24/7 access to our coaching staff, who can answer any questions, provide additional feedback or help you better understand a technical part of the stroke we're working on. We believe that your trainer shouldn't disappear in-between your in-person sessions. If you have a passion for improving your swimming abilities, then we are here to work with you

We will talk on Skype, Google Hangouts, or Snapchat for regular updates and questions. You'll also get access to exclusive personalized training strategies directly to your email.

Group Sessions

Sometimes training by yourself isn't much fun. If you have a group of athletes that you want to train with, we can build a plan that helps your entire group meet their goals.  

Young swimmer learning freestyle

Young swimmer learning freestyle



  • Chris first came to us as a swim instructor for our youngest son. Though our son was so afraid of the water, Chris was always patient and kind to him. The following year, Chris became my eldest son’s coach, as well as continuing swim instruction for my younger son. Both kids loved Chris, and though my youngest has not seen him often since last summer, Chris is still “my swim coach”. He always had a group of kids following him around, and made sure swim team was fun for them in addition to training them in the pool.
    — Susan, Parent of swimmer
  • Signed up my 14 year-old son, who participates in summer meets to work on his strokes. The improvement was immediate, he popped three of his times after the first lesson, two more after the second. Coach Chris is a student of current and past masters, and uses that knowledge to adjust strokes to different body types and styles. He observes a swimmer meticulously and comes up with specific drills to correct every single little detail that may be holding a swimmer back, he explains everything patiently and clearly, and generally does whatever is needed to get results. Very satisfied.
    — Tad, Parent of swimmer
  • We are very lucky to have Coach Chris as my son's swim coach. Coach Chris is able to explain the technical aspects of each stroke in terms an 8yr old can understand. My son always looks forward to his sessions with him. Coach Chris always makes it a point to summarize the things he and my son worked on after each session. I am excited to see how my son will do in his upcoming races! I highly recommend Coach Chris!
    — Jennifer, Parent of swimmer
  • Coach Chris is simply awesome. I decided to learn how to swim as an adult and although I had attended a few group lessons at my community college, I still felt very unsure about swimming. After my first session with Coach Chris, I knew that I struck gold with this coach. He really knows his stuff and has helped me tremendously in overcoming my fear of being in deep water and helping me improve my technique. It helps that he is incredibly nice and motivates you to be your very best. I would definitely recommend him.
    — Onome, Swimmer

So what exactly do you get With private coaching


Thorough Initial Assessment

  • Fully dissect your goals
  • Assess your health history and physical capabilities
  • All four stroke analysis
  • Create a plan that puts you on a road to success.


  • Multiple training phases to expedite progress
  • Development of goal visualization methods
  • Stroke improvement training 
  • Frequency and volume that matches your goals


  • Bi-weekly check-ins
  • Log sheets of times, distance and training efforts
  • Occasional training tests for gauging program adjustments 
  • Send me videos of stroke technique for analysis
    (online group only)


  • Access to my personal email account
  • Priority for any questions asked either through
    email or social media
  • A cheerleader in the stands or on deck for competitions

I want to ...