Stroke Rate Calculator

Use the quick calculator below to determine your stroke rate over a given distance. Enter your stroke length and stroke rate and see how it affects your swim times. Change the numbers to see the tradeoffs between stroke length and stroke rate and how they can benefit your swimming. 

100 time:

200 time:

400 time:

800 time:

1500 time:

Swimming guides

Our quick read guides will help you improve your swimming instantly by giving you the easy to implement tools and knowledge you need to become a more efficient swimmer. 

These guides can be purchased for the low cost through our partner at Gumroad.

Guide to learning efficient Freestyle

A guide to help novice and intermediate swimmers improve the strength and efficiency of their Freestyles. Our easy-to-follow tips can be executed right away into your swimming causing instant results in the water.

A non-swimmer's guide to workout terms & definitions

Swimming can be confusing sometimes, especially when it comes to the workouts. There's always lots of abbreviations and slang. We've put together a term and definition sheet for your reference.