Workout #6

This workout is for more advanced swimmers. It challenges your cardio capacity through the negative split work, followed quickly by the IM work. Push through and attack each lap.


8x25s kick with board @:10 seconds rest
4x25s pull


4x100s negative split (rest for :10seconds @ the 50, then rest for :30seconds after the 100)
3x75s (odd: Fly, Back, Breast | even: Back, Breast, Free) @:15seconds
2x50s sprint kick @:10seconds rest
200 Sprint Freestyle or IM


5x25s Freestyle

Workout #3

Increasing your leg strength will help you build stability in your stroke. It will also help improve body position. Remember to kick with your whole leg. You can generate significantly more power from your hips than you can from kicking from your knees.  


4x50's Freestyle @:20seconds rest
8x50's Kick with board (focus on straight legs, power from the hips) @:20seconds rest


5x25 Freestyle @:10 seconds rest
4x50 25 Single arm Freestyle / 25 Full Stroke Freestyle   @:20 seconds rest
3x100  Kick with a board @:30 seconds rest
2x150  Freestyle pull @:45 seconds rest
1x200  Full stroke Freestyle @1:00 seconds rest 


200 easy choice