Workout #8

A short one for today. This is a perfect one for building some higher heart rate efforts while sustaining it. Really check your effort output for each round. The last three rounds should be an all out effort. 


300 choice (mix this up with kick, pull, drills, swimming - just keep moving)


18x50s Free

1x50 rest less then 10 seconds (70% effort)
2x50 rest 15 seconds

2 x (1x50 rest for 5 seconds (80% effort) | 2x50s rest for 15 seconds)
3 x (1x50 rest for 5 seconds (100% effort) | 2x50s rest for 15 seconds)  


200 easy

Workout #6

This workout is for more advanced swimmers. It challenges your cardio capacity through the negative split work, followed quickly by the IM work. Push through and attack each lap.


8x25s kick with board @:10 seconds rest
4x25s pull


4x100s negative split (rest for :10seconds @ the 50, then rest for :30seconds after the 100)
3x75s (odd: Fly, Back, Breast | even: Back, Breast, Free) @:15seconds
2x50s sprint kick @:10seconds rest
200 Sprint Freestyle or IM


5x25s Freestyle

Workout #4

Focusing on efficient strokes will help you reduce the amount of effort it takes to get from one end of the pool to the other. Use the distance per stroke (DPS) laps to get your stroke count down as low as you can. Aim for under 15 strokes for beginners, less than 10 for more advanced swimmers.


4x25s Freestyle
4x25s kick @:20 seconds rest


6x25s DPS Freestyle @:20 seconds rest
(try to reduce your stroke count on each lap)

4x25s Sprint @:30 seconds rest
(as fast as you can go while maintaining stroke technique, reduce time by 2 seconds on each lap)


2x25s easy cool down.